Teenage Grief

by Tristan Reid

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"Being a teenager is an emotionally vulnerable time in one's life. Being a grieving teen can make you twice as vulnerable. Death can make you grow up in a hurry. You may find you are no longer invincible. Beware that the adult in your life may not be available to meet your needs.Here are some useful tips to help take care of yourself.


released March 7, 2012

Tristan Reid



all rights reserved


Tristan Reid Washington, D.C.

Millennial Outrage.

Tristan Reid is a musician and artist from the Washington DC / Northern Virginia area. Millennial Outrage


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Track Name: Plan Words To Say
Pay attention to me.
Don't forget me.
I am still here.
Talk to me.
Track Name: Talk To A Counselor
He said that it's hard to forget
but it gets easier to remember.

He said that she's not gone...
she's just; underground.

He said that time well spent
was the time passing.

He said that she's okay...
Okay, with what I've done today.

He said that a better place
is anywhere but here...

And I,
I want to go there too.
I'd just like to visit...
every now and again.
It can't be over,
not yet.
Track Name: Support Groups
A circle of starving faces
and chairs of twitching body's.

I hear moans, yells and screams
a group of such sad mouths...
moving up and down.

These are my friends.
These are my lovers
Such disenchanted...
Mother - Fuckers.

(My Safe Haven)
Track Name: Go To A Therapist
She's seen me before.
A star...
at every funeral.

She says I'm fucked
and I'm numb.
She says I've cried...
one too many times,

She told me to sleep
and think about...
how I should feel.
Track Name: Summer Camp
Maybe I could Laugh

Maybe in July

Maybe in August

Maybe I could laugh.
Track Name: Depression
Nobody could sleep last night.
Laying awake...
thinking; tinkering
with what tomorrow will bring.

Nobody could sleep last night.
Tossing and turning...
laying awake; worrying
about what song life will sing.

Today we're hungry.
Today we're starving.
Today we're poor.
Today we're empty.

Nobody could sleep last night.
So tired and insecure.
Thoughts un-pure.
In the mirror so un-sure.
Track Name: A Story
She never felt at home
with skin so blue...
She never felt at home
with eyes so cold...
She never felt at home
in air so fair...
She never felt at home
Always... Renting...

The bathroom...
was her favorite place.
Getting beautiful and hiding the pain.
was her favorite space.
Getting beautiful and ignoring the pain.

Oh, don't worry baby...
Mother - Father
Brother - Sister
Friends & Friends.
Sending, Taking
carrying you home...
Track Name: Journal
I've wanted to sleep,
sleep forever.
Stand over head...
holding my breath.

I've wanted to sleep,
sleep forever.
Kissing skeletons...
making my coffin.

I've wanted to sleep,
sleep forever.
Dream forever...
dance in the clouds.
Dream forever...
walk the stars.
Dream forever...
Dream forever...

I never want to leave your sight...
Track Name: Friends & Family
Mom, I just need you...
to leave me alone.

I'm not going to party tonight.

Dad, I don't think...
I'm going to go anywhere.

Nobody is coming over today.

Is going to come close to me.
Track Name: Physically Active
Come and touch me.
I'm lonely.

Come and kiss me.
Come and kiss me.
Come and fuck me.
This is vulnerability.

I need to sweat.
I don't want to catch my breath.
If it's you, if it's you...
I won't feel me.

Grief... physically.
Track Name: Faith
I put my faith
in a rocket
and watched it go...

Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.

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